Internet Marketing

ChessInternet Marketing has many aspects – web design, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), SEM (Search Engine Marketing – Paid Google Adds),  SMO (Social Media Optimisation) email campaigns, reporting and feedback. The thing that distinguishes internet marketing from normal push marketing techniques is the ability to track the data and analyse the effectiveness (or not) of your marketing campaign.

Targeting the right keywords is crucial. But how can one be certain that there is the numbers searching on a keyword or phrase. Google trends is very useful to check and compare traffic volume.

Push vs Pull

An example of a push marketing technique are flyers. Say a client wants to promote an event, they print 2000 flyers and place them everywhere they can. But how many people looked at them, took them home and acted upon them? There is no way of knowing… On the other hand, with web analytics, all the elements of your internet marketing strategy can be tracked and tweaked.

The internet can be considered as a Push/Pull media system. Users pull down what they are looking for through searches and their browsing. A good website has a pull due to the content that it keeps pushing out.

This is where and why a CMS web system fits into the internet marketing strategy. It enables the website owner to keep pushing out fresh content.

If you went past a shop and the goods never changed you would probably never go in. The key to pulling people in is creating fresh content. The key to push marketing is anticipating trends and targeting those growth areas.

If you have a shop a pull marketing strategy might be regular sales signs offering to pull in the bargain hunters. For a website it may be the RSS feed on your homepage that catches the eye with fresh news. Equally it may be the catchy headlines and lists, the key to creating pull is in understanding your target market. Similarly the key to fishing is using the right bait and rod.

Content Relevant? Is it fresh?

The art of successful design and marketing is adapting the content to fit the context. In this way the message hits its target audience and has meaning and value. Sticky web sites engage the user and make them want to linger and examine the content. Sticky web sites have pulling power.

Multimedia Convergence

growth marketingBusinesses succeed because of four factors:

  1. Ideas
  2. Design
  3. Marketing
  4. People (People make profit)
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